About Verona

Verona - an important city in northern Italy

One of Italy's loveliest towns, Verona has been a thriving and successful town for most of its history, and today smart shops and cafes fill the attractive medieval lanes of the historic centre. There's a lot to see here, from Roman ruins to the so-called 'Juliet's balcony', and the town is also well-connected for exploring the surrounding area, including destinations like Lake Garda, Vicenza, Padua and Venice.

Verona was an important Roman town and is rich in archaeological sites, the grandest of which is the Roman Arena, where operas are now performed in the summer. The town's museums and churches contain fine works of art, while the ruined Roman theatre over the river has excellent views from the terraces where the ancients watched plays. The River Adige flows through the city, and the low hills surrounding it at the northern side form a harmoniously beautiful landscape.

Climate Verona

Weather in Verona is very similar to the weather you can find in central Europe with cold winters and hot summers and a huge difference in temperatures between these two seasons. March is not as cold as the other months but it is generally pretty “fresh” and rainy. Bring a coat with you anyway if you are coming in March.

Average: 8.4°C (47.1°F)
Warmest: 13.4°C (56.1°F)
Coldest: 3.4°C (38.1°F)


The international calling code for Italy is +39 Internet access is widely available in Verona, and most hotels, apartments and hostels offer free WiFi or wired internet access.


Currency, Credit Cards and Exchanging Money.
The currency in Verona is the Euro (€).
Automated teller machines (ATMs) can be found in all the major hotels and outside banks.


Shops open from 10am until 7.00pm. Most shops in Verona don’t close at lunchtime and large shopping centres can be open until 10pm.


The electricity supply in Verona is 220V/50Hz


Bus or Taxi

Places to Stay

There are plenty of options like hotels that are great for groups, and hostels for those of you on a budget.

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Casa Coloniale

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